Awaken the Goddess of The Source Light Code

Remember the times you walked the shores of distant lands, feeling a connection with nature, the elements, and beings of light?

You were a wise High Priestess, a goddess in tune with the universe, sought after for wisdom and healing. This ancient spirit, still a part of you, yearns to be acknowledged and expressed.

As we leap into the void of divine love, power, and grace, we invite you to join us in an alchemical immersion into the many facets of the Divine Feminine. This journey is timed with the spring equinox, symbolizing a balance of light and darkness within us.

Awaken Your Goddess of the Source

Supported by the energies of powerful goddesses, you will embark on a transformative process to become the High Priestess you truly are. Your guide, Kelly, will travel to the mystical emerald isle of Ireland, attuning to the Celtic magic and bring back gifts from the goddesses of water, caves, and sacred stone circles.

Together, we will traverse mystical portals, encountering parts of ourselves long forgotten, and healing our ancestral lineage. This magical journey delves into the world of lost fairies, holy wells, and sacred wisdom. We will pass through the Loughcrew Passage, stepping into another world where we remember our true nature and unleash the power that has always been within us.


Expect profound visitations from your ancestors, guiding you to uncover parts of yourself ready for revelation as we step into the Era of The New Earth. Within each of us dwells a goddess of true wisdom and magic, one who knows the art of creation, healing, and who intimately follows the elements on her journey.

Special Guest Spreaker - Maria O'Farrell

Ireland’s Celtic Wisdom Keeper,
Maria O’Farrell, DSA. RAC. CSRI. ACR. AAEPCrystal Heart Vibrational Healer, Fairyologist & Leyline Land Healer Sacred Sites of Ireland Tour Guide since 2012.

Joining us from her home in Wicklow Ireland, Maria will share her wisdom and knowledge of the celtic Goddesses and their role in waking us up to the vibration of divine nature.

Kelly will provide extra activations and attunements to the world of magic through the portals the ancient land of Ireland.

Your Transformation awaits!

Mystical Immersion in Sacred Waters

Dive into the heart of Ireland's magic, where water caves and sacred circles serve as portals to an elevated consciousness. Let the water be your guide back to the ancient wisdom that resides within you.

Healing & Ancestral Wisdom Through Water

Embrace the era of water to heal your lineage and the Earth. Experience the profound energy of sacred water frequencies, from the inner waters of our being to the galactic waters that connect us to the universe.

The Healing Power of Water

Learn to work with the sacred water frequencies, healing your ancestral lineage, and aiding in the Earth's rejuvenation. Embrace water's flow to awaken parts of yourself long dormant, stepping into your power as a High Priestess of the new Earth

Who should Dive in?

If you’re drawn to the elemental magic of water, seeking to deepen your connection with the ancient wisdom of the goddess, and ready to heal yourself and the Earth, this journey is for you. Healers, seekers, and anyone feeling the call of the divine feminine will find a transformative experience in embracing the era of water.

Answer the Call of the Water

Awaken the Goddess of The Source Light Code is an invitation to dive deep into the sacred healing journey of the new Earth, embracing the transformative power of water to awaken the divine feminine within.

Are you ready to flow with the sacred waters into your awakening?

Begin Your Journey of Water and Wisdom – Starting March 18th! 


Hear from those who have experienced our past activations and how it transformed their connection with nature and spirituality.

This is your moment to connect with the ancient and nurturing power of water, to heal, to remember, and to emerge reborn as the High Priestess you are destined to be. 

Embrace the sacred flow

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