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Under the Solar Eclipse

A World-Wide Channeling for Unity and Peace During the Solar Eclipse Event 

8TH April, 2024

A Gateway to Transformation

As the solar eclipse casts its shadow, marking a brief moment of darkness that traverses North America, we stand on the threshold of profound change and boundless hope. During this Solar Eclipse event, Spirit extends an invitation to those who envision a future rooted in unity consciousness. Together, with the ancestors of this great land, we are called to gather, to weave a collective vision for a new Earth, embracing the light as the darkness fades and stepping into a renewed world.

A Ceremony of Connection and Honor

This is not just an astronomical event; it is a choice point, a sacred opportunity for us to align with the wisdom of the ages and the heartbeat of Mother Earth. Guided by the revered elders from various indigenous tribes, we will join in ceremony during this Solar Eclipse event, paying homage to the planet that sustains us, committing to a path of peace over division, and weaving a tapestry of love that encompasses all of America.

In a country at a crossroads, we are invited to transcend our differences, to listen deeply to the whispers and ancient teachings of our elders, and to embrace one another in a spirit of harmony and understanding.

Our Guides

through the gateway

The revered figures of our time will lead us through this activation of peace and unity during this Solar Eclipse event.

The Great Peacemaker

A beacon of harmony and reconciliation, guiding us towards inner and collective peace.

Grandmother spider

Weaver of dreams and realities, teaching us the intricate connections that bind us all.

white buffalo woman

A symbol of sacred life and abundance, inviting us to respect all forms of creation and to honor the Earth.

event details


April, 2024


A worldwide online video call will accommodate up to 1000 participants


EST (NY Time)


The Solare Eclipse event ceremony will include a guided meditation, ancestral wisdom sharing, rituals to honor Mother Earth, and collective visioning for a future founded on unity.

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Join Us in Choosing Peace

This channeling event is a call to those who feel the stirrings of a new dawn, who believe in the power of unity, and who are ready to stand as stewards of a peaceful, thriving planet. Let us come together to honor the teachings of our elders, to celebrate the sacredness of the land, and to choose a path forward that cherishes every living being.


Hear from those who have experienced our past activations and how it transformed their connection with nature and spirituality.

Space Is Limited

Register now to be part of this transformative journey. Embrace this unique moment to connect with the ancient wisdom of the land, to share in a collective vision for peace, and to step into the new world that awaits us beyond the eclipse.

Let us walk together into the light.

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