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Experience the Power of the Solar Eclipse Portal Opening

Join the Global Movement at 1pm EST on April 8th, 2024

Experience transformation during the Solar Eclipse Activation on April 8th, guided by the wisdom of Native American energies. This unique event harnesses the eclipse’s power, leading participants to profound inner peace and global healing. Learn from The Great Peacemaker, Grandmother Spider, and White Buffalo Woman—symbols of harmony, interconnectedness, and sacred life. As the eclipse traverses North America, join us in channeling its energies for healing and renewal. This is your chance to connect with ancient wisdom and honor the Earth.

Why This Matters

The Solar Eclipse Activation offers a unique convergence of celestial energy and ancient wisdom, providing a powerful catalyst for personal and collective transformation. During a solar eclipse, the energies of the Earth and the cosmos align in a way that can deeply influence our spiritual and emotional well-being. By participating in an event guided by the profound teachings of Native American traditions, individuals have the opportunity to experience significant shifts towards inner peace, understanding of our interconnectedness, and a renewed respect for the sacredness of all life.

Event Highlights

– Guided Experiences with Native American Energies: Engage with the wisdom of The Great Peacemaker, Grandmother Spider, and White Buffalo Woman.
– Inner Peace and Collective Healing: Harness the solar eclipse’s energy for personal transformation and global harmony.
– Deepening Respect for All Creation: Embrace teachings that highlight the sacredness of life and our interconnectedness with the Earth.
– Understanding the Web of Life: Learn from Grandmother Spider about the connections that bind us all.
– Embracing Abundance and Sacredness: Be inspired by White Buffalo Woman to honor and respect all forms of creation.
– Celestial and Earthly Energy Alignment: Experience a unique moment of transformation during the solar eclipse, amplified by ancient wisdom.

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This act alone sends a powerful message of unity and intent. Whether you participate from home or in person at a water site, your energy contributes to the collective healing of our planetary consciousness.

Together, let’s harness the transformative power of the Solar Eclipse to bring about healing and raise the consciousness for all beings. Join us in this monumental activation and be part of the change!

Solar Eclipse Activation

You can do additional preparation to contribute to this powerful personal and planetary activation by taking the Goddess of the Source Light Code that is happening live in the weeks leading up to the Summer Solstice! 

Check out this powerful light code as one of the 33 Master Ascension Light Codes that are being transmitted through 2025.  Click below to view the list of Master Ascension Light Codes that are now available On Demand:
Light Code Activations – The Angel Raphael

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