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About Kelly Kolodney & Spiritual Healing With The Angel Raphael

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When my journey of channeling The Angel Raphael began in 1989, I could never have fathomed the cascade of magic, blessings, and synchronicities that would unfurl in both my life and the lives of countless others. These moments of divine connection have shaped us, healed us, and ignited the spark of our higher purpose.

It fills my heart with profound gratitude and humility to present to you these light codes. Each code is a testament to the divine flow and guidance that surrounds us daily. My appreciation knows no bounds for Debashree, whose exquisite artistry captures the essence of these sacred transmissions, allowing us to both visualize and internalize them.

With every insight you glean from the Master Ascension Light Codes, remember: You are journeying towards the realization of your true self – the Ascended Master within. It is an honor of the highest degree to serve and support you on this path.

To explore deeper teachings, activations, and light code transmissions that continue to unfold. I invite you to step further into this luminous journey by visiting https://theangelraphael.com/light-code-activations/ to continuously connect with the ever-flowing light codes that will guide you towards your highest potential and destiny.

With deepest love and gratitude,

Kelly Kolodney


"Everyone has to make a choice whether to live as an unconscious victim of the matrix or as a builder of the New Earth!"

- The Angel Raphael