Master Ascension Light Codes

Join us on this amazing journey as we activate the 33 Master Ascension light Codes
to attune to your Highest Self!

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You can choose to purchase one or more Master Ascension Light Codes that particularly call to you, or you can join The Angel Raphael as a Light Code Member to access all past, present, and future Light Code transmissions as they become available. A new Light Code is presented every month so the monthly Light Code membership is the best option if you plan to experience all of the Light Codes.

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Or, you can browse the individual Light Codes below:

Atlantis Light Code Activation

Embark on a transformative journey to Atlantis with this energetic transmission designed to unlock the secrets of astral projection and lucid dreaming. This unique experience offers you the tools to time travel back to the mystical civilization of Atlantis, before its legendary destruction.

Goddess of The Source Light Code Activation

Your Transformation Awaits!

This is your moment to connect with the ancient and nurturing power of water, to heal, to remember, and to emerge reborn as the High Priestess you are destined to be. Join us now and embrace the sacred flow.

New Earth Light Code Activation

Metatron steps aside and gives Mary Magdalene as channeled by Kelly Kolodney the reigns your guide to activate your connection to the New Earth! Prepare to experience the activation of your crystalline light body to receive messages from 5-D reality of your role in creating the New Earth

Healing Light Code Activation

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from 2/12 through 2/22!

Embark on a transformative journey to healing guided by The Angel Raphael. The Healing Light Code Activation is more than wellness training; it’s an energetic pathway to profound healing and self-discovery. Unlock emotional healing, release pain without internalizing it, and edit your karmic blueprint by activating your healing light code.

Experience transformation beyond the physical realm by harnessing zero-point energy, breaking through 3D limitations, and releasing cellular emotions. The Angel Raphael’s divine guidance offers boundless love and support.

Why choose The Healing Light Code? Receive deep vibrational healing by understanding emotional roots, a holistic approach, and personal empowerment. Embrace the transformation, acknowledge your current state, and witness miraculous health shifts. Enroll today for a life-altering journey towards health and wholeness.

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Light Code Membership

Discover the Full Power of The Master Ascension Light Codes!

Are you ready to unlock your potential, connect with cosmic energy, and ascend to a higher frequency? Become a Light Code Member and embark on a transformative journey like no other.

Get instant access to over 300+ hours of powerful Light Code Activation Transmissions. Immerse yourself in profound knowledge and wisdom from The Angel Raphael that will guide you towards a life of clarity, purpose, and spiritual growth.

Your Ascension Journey Awaits! Dive deep into the cosmic realm, manifest your best life, and align with your higher self. It’s not just a membership; it’s an awakening.

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Vibrational Magic with Merlin


Now Available On Demand!

Unlock the secrets of Merlin’s magic with the Vibrational Magic Light Code!

This extraordinary Light Code activation blends alchemy, sound, color, and shape to align your spirit and accelerate your spiritual growth.

Ideal for artists, creatives, and spiritual seekers, this mystical offering unveils the ancient wisdom of Merlin’s crystal cave in a modern vibrational healing format with vivid guided meditations. Whether you’re drawn to Glastonbury’s serene landscapes or Roslyn Chapel’s mystique, this unique experience connects you with the healing power of nature and Merlin’s potent energies as you receive the encrypted Light Codes during each transmission.

Elevate your spiritual journey, realign your energies, and embrace a world of magic and transformation. Don’t miss this opportunity for spiritual alignment and growth!

Light Language

Light Language Light Code Activation

Now Available On Demand!

Are you ready to embark on a transformative journey into the celestial realms? The Light Language Light Code Activation will help you attune to a sacred space, connect with the universal language of light, and tap into profound cosmic wisdom.

As you activate the Light Language Light Code, the cosmos sends a powerful message, affirming your readiness to channel the celestial symphony of the universe. Harmonizing with this divine energy, you may find your hands moving in intuitive patterns, your voice resonating with spontaneous tones, or your spirit engaging in a cosmic dance. Your soul’s sacred gateway flings open, welcoming the luminous language of light to dwell within you.

Lady Liberty

Freedom Light Code Activation

Now Available On Demand!

This engaging and enlightening transmission of the Freedom Light Code takes you on a deep journey of self-reflection and awareness as it upgrades your vibrational frequency to attune to freedom.

Learn to question the belief systems you may have unconsciously inherited from your family and identify whether they resonate with your genuine inner voice or divert you from your path of authenticity. Embrace the courage to stand tall in your truth and break free of the matrix, even when it disrupts familiar environments or established norms.

Lemurian Dolphin Temple


Now Available On Demand!

The Lemurian Dolphin Temple Activation is a sacred invitation to honor your past selves, embrace transparency and vulnerability, and forge deep connections with the world around you.

Reconnect with the wisdom and gifts bestowed upon you from the Lemurian realms. Through experiential practices, meditations, and sacred teachings, you will release the shackles of doubt and fear, allowing your true self to shine brilliantly!

Your guide during this transmission will be the Ascended Master Adama who is the head of the Lemurian Council of Light in Telos.

Forgiveness Light Code

Light Code Activation

Now Available On Demand!

This light code activation will take you on a journey to recognize that holding onto resentment only hurts yourself. During this activation your vibration will be raised to help you let go and forgive not only traumas and triggers from this life, but also throughout all of your incarnations. Releasing the shackles of your own judgment cast upon yourself will help you to once again embrace freedom to be who you truly are without hesitation. This activation will be lead by the ancient Egyptian goddess Isis.

DNA Light Code Activation

DNA Light Code Activation

Now Available On Demand!

The DNA Light Code activation will help you unlock the hidden gifts stored within your dormant DNA strands. You will work with the Great Master Hilarion to travel into the 975 of your DNA strands that are labeled as “junk”. During this vibrational update you will discover how to tap into the fountain of youth and miracles within your body.

Personal Power Light Code

Personal Power
Light Code Activation

Now Available On Demand!

This light code opens the door to step into your personal power and recognize you are the master of your reality.  The Black Jaguar will guide you on a journey to create strong boundaries, eliminate people pleasing behaviors, and cast aside any remnants of victim mentality. In this light code you will connect with the elemental energy of the Black Jaguar to find your strength and stand in your power!

Self Love Light Code Activation

Self-Love Light Code Activation

Now Available On Demand!

This light code will connect you to the unconditional love of the divine mother Mary who shows you and reflects to you a deep sense of worthiness.

Lack of love for self is at the core of any lack you may feel in your life including the feeling of being “Less Than”. You will connect with Mother Mary to receive her wisdom as your vibration is raised to help you embrace unconditional self-love.

Creation Light Code Activation

Creation Light Code Activation

Now Available On Demand!

This light code activation will connect you with the universal womb of creation, which is the black void from which all manifestation of life emerges. It contains the sum total of all possibilities. The activation of this light code will support you in opening creativity, letting go of resistance and birthing new life journeys. Your guide through this process is the Ascended Master Sophia.

Christ Consciousness Light Code

Christ Consciousness Light Code Activation

Now Available On Demand!

Give yourself the gift of peace and joy!

The Christ Consciousness Light Code Activation will help you to release any negative feelings based on external expectations and connect with inner peace as you become more closely aligned with your highest self.

During this amazing journey you will work directly with Jesus and the Resurrection Flame as you connect with Christ Consciousness!

Starseed Origins Light Code

Starseed Origin
Light Code Activation

Now Available On Demand!

The original transmission for this activation was during the powerful 8:8 Lion’s Gate Portal but the activation energies can be accessed any time to prepare for the next Lion’s Gate portal opening.

This light code activation will connect you with the Sirian Elders who will teach you how to communicate with them telepathically.

As you share your intentions for your life with them, they will anchor your intentions through a personal pyramid of light, creating a new template for your personal creation to come into reality.

During this activation you will experience a homecoming with your star family.

Pineal Gland
Light Code Activation

Now Available On Demand!

This key code activates the pineal gland often referred to as the seat of the soul. As a result of today’s modern lifestyle, most of our pineal glands are calcified creating a barrier to our intuitive and psychic gifts. This activation will stimulate your pineal gland utilizing both sacred geometry and the symbol of the infinity sign to open up doorways into higher states of consciousness. Your guide through this process will be the Ascended master Melchizedek.

Earth Star Light Code Activation

Earth Star Light Code Activation

Now Available On Demand!

This is the first light code transmission. It creates a foundation for the integration all future light codes by creating a state of equilibrium and stability by grounding you to Mother Earth.

This light code activation will connect you to the animal kingdom. With the guidance of White Tail Hawk, you will reconnect with the rhythm of the earth and learn how to contain and ground your energy.

This activation opens a portal to the heaven on earth and prepares you for the 5D activation. During this activation you will receive a name from the animal kingdom with the guidance of White Tail Hawk.

Gratitude Light Code Activation

Gratitude Light Code Activation

Now Available On Demand!

The Gratitude Light Code Activation will update your energetic field to help you cultivate awareness of the infinite opportunities for love, health, and abundance.

You will work with the Buddha as your guide to unlock the door to infinite abundance in all realms of your life through gratitude.

As you become more aware of how every experience presents an opportunity for growth, the cultivation of gratitude will make you better able to fulfill our dreams because you will be acting from love for yourself, others, and the planet that sustains us all.

Ascension Timeline Light Code

Ascension Timeline Light Code Activation

Now Available On Demand!

This Light Code reconnects you with the rhythms and cycles of the universe. You will experience greater synchronicity and flow of life and you will notice  how life guides you through the display of symbols and signs that confirm when you are on the Ascension timeline!

You will receive a vibrational connection to the Ascension Timeline as Arch Angel Michael acts as your guide with channeled messages, meditations, question and answer sessions through Kelly and also facilitated by Cayce.


By the end of this powerful activation you will be able to choose and merge your timeline with the Ascension Timeline.

Past Lives Light Code Activation

Past Lives Light Code

Now Available On Demand!

The Past Lives Light Code Activation will help you tap into the great design of your soul through the Akashic Records and help you to disentangle from past lives and agreements. Often, we carry with us old karmic patterns that no longer serve us. The ancient Egyptian gods Thoth and Isis will help you recognize these patterns and release them.
Thoth presents you with the opportunity to visit and amend your Akashic Records on a guided meditation journey into the Halls of Amenti and the Library of Light.
Hidden blockages to your spiritual growth and wellbeing will be presented to you and a great, spontaneous rewiring is offered to you as a vibrational update. These blockages will be released from old un-serving contracts and quantum-spiraled into multidimensional activated DNA helixes of your new ascension blueprint.

Council of Light Light Code activation

Council of Light light code activation

Now Available On Demand!

This light code activation will connect you with the great council of light to review and revise your current soul contracts and agreements. You will gain full access to your records and deepen your connection with your current soul family to bring greater understanding to your relationships and the role you and others in your life choose to play for your soul’s growth.

With the assistance of the Council of Light you will be able to alter any of these agreements and create new ones that are in alignment with your new heightened state of awareness.

The Archangel Raphael has helped thousands of people open their hearts to receiving the insights and vibrational healing power of this divine messenger of light.

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Ready to discover the Light Codes that resonate with your journey?

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