Healing the Waters of the World

Spring Equinox Activation

Join Us in a Transformative Journey

20 March, 2024

11 am EST

Online & at designated water sites globally

Piercing the Veil Between the Worlds

Embrace The Power Of Ancient Wisdom And Modern Energy Healing

Welcome to an experience that transcends the ordinary. As we approach the Spring Equinox, a time of balance and renewal, we invite you to be part of a global movement dedicated to healing the waters of our planet. This Spring Equinox activity is not just an activation; it’s a journey into the heart of ancient wisdom and the frontiers of spiritual healing.

If you resonate with healing the waters and want to explore the energies associated with the Water Goddesses, you will want to check out the upcoming Goddess of the Source Light Code

Event Highlights

Guided by the Wisdom of Goddess Brigid

Immerse yourself in the guidance of the revered Irish goddess known for her healing powers.

Activation from Stars, Stones, and Holy Wells

Harness energies from celestial bodies, sacred earth sites, and ancient water sources.

Piercing the Veil of Illusion

Discover deeper truths and connect with the spiritual realm in ways you never imagined.

Inner Water Lightbody Healing

Experience a unique healing process that rejuvenates your inner essence.

Global Water Grid Activation

Join a worldwide community in a synchronized effort to heal the Earth’s water.

Journey to Sacred Sites

Engage physically and spiritually by visiting local holy wells, springs, rivers, and oceans.

Special Feature

Kelly's Pilgrimage to Poulnabrone

During the Spring Equinox Activation, Kelly and Debashree will embark on a sacred journey to the emerald isle of Ireland. connecting with the holy wells and sacred stones including the Poulnabrone Dolmen a portal connecting us to the inner waters located in the Burren region and formed 350 million years ago when it was covered by a tropical sea. Kelly will channel these powerful codes to enhance our water activation process.

Why Participate?

Connect with a Global Tribe

Align with individuals who share your passion for healing and spiritual growth.

Galactic Waters Activation

Be part of a ceremony that invokes peace and healing on Earth, influenced by galactic energies.

Experience a Balance of Energies

Witness the interplay of masculine and feminine forces at a sacred site during the Equinox.

How to Join

20 March, 2024

11 am

Online & at designated water sites globally

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Hear from those who have experienced our past activations and how it transformed their connection with nature and spirituality.

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Join us in this transformative journey to heal the waters of the world and awaken the sacred energies within and around us.

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