Discover Your Divine Power!

Discover Your Divine Power!

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About Kelly Kolodney & Spiritual Healing With The Angel Raphael

Kelly started channeling the Angel Raphael in 1989. Since that time she has been sharing the messages from Archangel Raphael with thousands of people who have opened their hearts to receiving the insights and vibrational healing power of this divine messenger of light. Her work is documented in the book “The Healing Consciousness” by Dr. Beth Dupree MD.

Whether you participate in a free angel reading conference call, download one of the recorded classes with the Angel Raphael, or participate in a live online workshop, Kelly and Cayce look forward to serving you. The Angel Raphael’s guidance as channeled by Kelly Kolodney, will help you raise your vibration, awaken your passion for life, find your purpose, and help you open to the limitless possibilities for love, health, and abundance.

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You Path To Ascended Mastery!

Your soul came here with a mission. If you feel a lack of purpose, your mission has been buried by the limiting beliefs and traumatic experiences that have accumulated during your life.

The good news and the bad news are the same. Your life is currently exactly what you have created as a reflection of who you are.

The teachings of The Angel Raphael will help you discover and connect you with your soul’s purpose, clear limiting beliefs that may have prevented you from achieving your goals up until now, and will align your vibration with the manifestation of your destiny.

Teachings To Intensify and Expand Your Sacred Self.

During this Five week course channeled by Kelly Kolodney and facilitated by Cayce Kolodney the Angel Raphael will guide you to the source of sacred power as utilized by Ancient interdimensional cultures.

Kelly and Cayce will take you on a journey to explore the sacred rituals and ceremonies of Atlantis, Lemuria, and Ancient Egypt. They will help you incorporate these mystery school teachings into your life in order to deepen your connection to your sacred self, which will get you into the flow of expressing your true purpose with meaning, ease and joy.

It's Time To Start Starseed Masterclass 2!

As a Starseed Masterclass 1 graduate, you have been connected to the Starseed Grid and have released lower vibrational energies using the tools of self-love, forgiveness, nurturing and compassion.

In Starseed Masterclass 2 we are going to amplify the magic, teach you to feel it, and be it! Now is the time to activate your magical gifts and step into your power!

Unleash your power to reclaim your gifts to co-create the word and effect change for the highest good for all!

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Words Of Love From Some Of Our Friends

"Everyone has to make a choice whether to live as an unconscious victim of the matrix or as a builder of the New Earth!"

- The Angel Raphael

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