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“The High Priestess class has been transformative. I was just so tired out and was feeling lost in my personal and professional life. This class has awakened all parts of me. My work as a therapist is alive again. This morning I kept repeating- I love you!! What fun! ~”


“The High Priestess class has been transformative. I was just so tired out and was feeling lost in my personal and professional life. This class has awakened all parts of me. My work as a therapist is alive again. This morning I kept repeating- I love you!! What fun! ~”


“This was truly the most powerful class I have ever taken! The activations were very real for me and pushed me into my power and acceptance of my magical and mystical nature, which my mind has been brushing off for years. How can I thank you?!! I am so grateful you included me in the class…. I am truly walking comfortably in my goddess self now, blessing and singing to everything in my path. I BELIEVE more than ever. Thank you for all the sacrifices you and your family have made in order for all of us to receive these Divine gifts. Much love and endless gratitude.”

Jessie M

“Participating in the Birthing Your Angelic Self class, twice, has gracefully moved me along my spiritual path. I felt enveloped by the pure love of Angel Raphael and gently guided every step of the way as I trusted becoming my own angelic self slowly, yet surely. Such important work. How blessed I am to have participated, and to continue the work as I re-listen to the meditations and allow myself to “be” in the world with joy and love. For me, the class was a sacred, holy experience. Thank you Kelly for gifting the world with the divine presence of Angel Raphael.”

“Thank you, Kelly and the Angel Raphael for all that you do to shower us with pure Love and Light! What an amazing adventure Nurturing my Angelic Self has been! I am feeling so rich in consciousness and so very grateful for the privilege of participating with the angelic realm and all my soul sisters! It has truly been a dream come true and the best thing that has ever happened to me! I have been blessed beyond measure and my cup is overflowing from all the beautiful gifts that have been bestowed by you both and our Father-Mother God! My life will never be the same! I am filled with joy, hope, and gratitude! There simply aren’t enough words to convey my heartfelt appreciation! I am radiating love! I can’t wait for our next journey in March to express our Angelic Selves and be part of helping to shift the consciousness of humanity for a New Heaven and a New Earth! In the meantime, I will be working with my light body and using the divine meditations to help me. Wow! Thanks for all of your divine assistance!

Please know I will be sending light and love to Manhattan, New York on 12-12-16 at 12 noon from PA! Also, please let me know if I need any further information to participate from a distance! In deep gratitude and love from the rose within my heart, Kathy P.S. please feel free to share this testimonial with others!”

“Thank you Kelly! There are no words to express the depth and Galactic meaning and power of this class in my life! and Thank you to YOU for your self-sacrifice. Whenever I think of you, I see you sitting in a large tree/chair, with your bare feet on the ground and many strong roots growing down from your feet into the rich soil of the Mother.



“Thank you to Jacqui Delario for this heart felt testimonial after her session with the Angel Raphael.”

“The Day of Divine Connection started with the fabulous Wake-up Smoothie in the most perfect setting, which radiates very special energies. The Pineal Gland Activation and Crystal Disk Download were very informative and way more than expected. The organic lunch was unforgettable. Words fail to describe the Angel Activation Blessing where we were literally touched by an Angel. The Spirit Movement Dance was like gliding through and around the loving energies of all those who attended the day. Thank you all for a very special day, but mostly for the unconditional love I now share with everyone every day. I see you, I love you and you are all divine. J. C.

The day of divine connection blew me away. The experience was out of this world, I didn’t have any expectations and was completely open to the experience, but never in my wildest dreams, I would’ve expected it to be this beautiful. Everybody was so loving, giving each other love, and the angel activations were phenomenal, I have absolutely no words to describe it. It was divine! Thank you, I am eternally grateful!! I have been working with Kelly and The Angel Raphael for about 2 yrs now, and this day was a type of graduation day for me. I reached, what I would call the first Pinnacle on my spiritual path!! I have healed from the inside out, I feel refreshed, unafraid, I have a new confidence and I SEE everything differently! What a wonderful experience, thank you, Kelly and Friends!

The Day of Divine Connection was a wonderful spirit filled day of Divine love! The energy in the room was palpable and was felt within my heart space. The yummy food was enjoyable, the dance was fun and Kelly’s messages and blessings from Angel Raphael and Colleen’s activations of the Pineal Gland and Sacred Heart energies were a gift to all of us! Thank you! thank you!…. for facilitating this L.I.G.H.T filled day! La

The Day of Divine Connection exceeded my expectations, and I would do it again if the opportunity presented itself to me! The location was perfect, and the food was excellent! The sessions with Archangel Raphael were extremely healing for all involved, and I felt very close to the attendees! It was a great day, and I think it has helped me to improve my life!

The Day of Divine Connection was a beautifully, spiritual experience. The experience allowed me to focus on self for a day, to share my journey with others whom I had never met, and to open my heart to joy, love, music, and dance. While Archangel Raphael fed our souls, Lisa provided delicious food that fed our bodies. The day was truly a blessing, and I am grateful I was called to participate in it. I am still glowing from the experience. Thank you, Kelly, Samuel, Mary Ellen, and most importantly, Archangel Raphael for changing my life. Linda Bell

Every detail was thought of for the Day of Divine Connection; from the environment, quality of the sessions to the food. It was an amazing experience for me and I am so grateful to have had the opportunity to have been blessed enough to connect here on the physical plane but also spiritually. Kelly, Archangel Raphael, and MaryEllen provided a safe, loving, happy space for everyone to feel at ease and become connected. Thank you for all that I gained from the day. I AM ONE! – Rosemary C.

I loved this experience. I have shared it with a few of my close friends and they’re excited about checking out the next day of divine connection! This was a life-changing day for me and I hope that many more people get the opportunity to attend and feel its effects. Truly outstanding.

The day was the most amazing day that I have ever experienced!! Words cannot express the many blessings that I received that day!! Everything was perfect, just perfect!!! I am so grateful and so blessed to have participated in Day of Divine Connection event!! Thank you, thank you, thank you!!!!

Day of Divine Connection was exactly what my mind and spirit needed. I feel much lighter, happier, and confident. My personal and business interactions are flowing a lot smoother this week-it’s all easier. Also, my family and friends have commented that I sound different-very calm, and mellow. Thank you for the enriching experience.Rosa

It’s only been a few days after attending the Day of Divine Connection. However, I feel it has helped me to see the divine in myself and in others. I don’t have a problem looking into the eyes of a stranger and saying hello, as I’m thinking, I see you, you are a part of me, I love you, you are divine! Thank- you Kelly and Angel Raphael!!”

“I just wanted to tell you what a wonderful experience I had today after speaking to you and Raphael. Raphael was able to tell me many specific things that truly amazed me. I was watery-eyed for a couple of minutes! I felt an immediate shift in my energy after speaking with her. To me, it felt as if I was speaking to an old friend I had not spoken to in a long time. Raphael gave me so much helpful information of what I can do for healing. I am definitely going to do the things she suggested! Thank you so very much for sharing your wonderful gift with the world! Thank you so very much to you and Raphael.”


Mary Nugent

“After my first session with you on 12/12/12, I experienced an immediate energetic shift that continues to unfold. I’m grateful to you for being able to put words to the language of light, and then to share that so personally with all of us. I found each blessing relevant. The energy was palpable, wonderfully intense through the rest of the night and into the next day. I can still feel it now. And once again, Raphael initiated a shift in me that I know will play out in my life on every level. I’m not new to this kind of work, and I so appreciate finding someone who can help me connect to new levels of energy in myself. Thank you!

Oh, and I’ll add that “I see you, I love you, you are Divine” clicks me into an embodied understanding of Oneness. I think that will process over time and really shift me beyond personality, and into more unconditional love. Brilliant. Lots of love!”


“Kelly, I was so blessed tonight by being able to listen to your live conversation from Angel Raphael. I love you both so very much! Even though I didn’t have time to send in a message ahead of time, so many of my messages were answered by Angel Raphael thanks to your wonderful gift that God has given you by being able to channel her through you. Since I’ve been listening to you on Joseph Tittel’s show my life has completely changed! I’m a Jeweler by trade and take care of God’s little ones at my Church part-time. Never in my life did I ever think 6yrs., ago I would be blessed by working and babysitting so many little babies and young children, but I know why God placed them in my life. Also since listening to your shows, my Jewelry is starting to take off on my Etsy site as well thanks to you, Joseph, Angel Raphael, and my prayers. I’m finally doing what I’ve always wanted to do in my life! Blessings to you and Angel Raphael for my much-needed abundance, gratitude, love, and light.


You and your generous heart have been on my mind so much lately. I simply want to say thank you, thank you for your generosity in blessing me with a private phone session with AA Raphael in October 2012. It changed my life…!

I didn’t know until doing research after our session that Raphael is the Angel of healing and that’s so amazing because my blueprint and first love is as a conduit for energy healing (affirmed by the Angel) but when I lost confidence in myself I took safety in doing numerology readings to make money, which has been a distraction from my healing path.

Raphael told me that in order to begin my healing work anew that it was necessary that I do a bit more clearing work but that it would not take long in linear time. They said that once the clearing was complete that a physical move would happen to remove me from the toxic environment that I was currently in and the new place would be a much better, brighter place where I would thrive as I did my healing work. The Angel then outlined for me a 23 day process to complete the clearing. I did the rituals as instructed for 23 days, and sometimes twice a day. Even though I had no financial means to make a move nor did I see any way possible for it to happen, I had faith that it would unfold if I completed the clearing process as instructed. Two weeks after the 23rd day my son called and invited me to come live with him. I have moved now to Los Angeles until the next leap, that Raphael said would be a short ways away – when I will have my own comfy, cozy nest again…:-)) Soon, I will be offering energy healing services and numerology readings out of a well known spiritual center – and for the first time in a very long time I feel life force within me again!

So, I want to thank you Kelly – from my heart. I had never ever been in the dark place I was in before speaking to Raphael. In fact, I had begun to question my decision to incarnate this time around and had been nurturing ideas on how to quietly leave the planet… it was a very, very dark place for sure, and now here I am.

Please know how very important your work is in the world. I appreciate you, I appreciate you, I appreciate you..!! …Somehow, I know that Raphael had a hand in connecting us. It’s so beautiful how the Universe works.!

I Love You Kelly and I Love You Raphael..!!!

Love & Gratitude,”

RayNelle Williams, Numerologist

“Kelly, You are so blessed to have your gift. Raphael touched on everything I was so confused about. My eyes watered with joy when she said we were old friends and she sat with me before I came here to help me decide if I should come here. She also announced that I have been calling on her. I’m still on a high as I am so passionate about angels. You are by far authentic in your gift. This I know because Raphel touched on things I shared with her and my own private times. Gave me confirmation on what I’m here to do. Why didn’t I get an hour!!!!

I’ve already referred some people to u and will refer more. I will certainly be calling in the future! Awesome awesome awesome!!!!”

Thank u!!!
I wish I could hug u!!

Keesha Wood

“Hello Kelly,
Just wanted to thank you for helping my daughter today. She was amazed at all you told her. Your kindness meant a lot to us & she will surely pay it forward. Thank You.”


“It was wonderful being you and Angel Raphael earlier today. The words resonated so deeply for me that I was in tears from the word go when you spoke about our forgetting and remembering who we truly are.
Best wishes,”