Winter Solstice Activation Participant Grid Map

Winter Solstice

Activation Participant Grid Map

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The Winter Solstice Stargate Portal Opening

Step into the transformative energy of the Winter Solstice and join us for a global gathering of spiritually minded individuals many of whom are pinpointed on this Winter Solstice Grid Map. Together, we will harness the radiant light emanating from the sun on the shortest day of the year, activating and amplifying frequencies of love for personal and planetary healing.

Kelly and The Angel Raphael invite all of you to participate in activating a spiral grid of several hundred Andaras on an Earth node of consciousness located just outside of Philadelphia (Greek meaning ‘vortex of familial love’) onsite from Chadds Ford.

Each registrant can include their location on the Grid Map to activate the quantum field of accelerated consciousness that the Andara grid will hold in the morphogenetic field around Mother Earth. The Angelic realm, channeled through Archangel Raphael will further descend into the grid with their blessings of the spiritual focus of the Christ/Christos/Crystalla consciousness that each of us has in our DNA, allowing the Christ to be ‘born again’ within humanity.

We will track the geography of each participant’s location so we can represent as many countries as possible from around the world, spreading the LIGHT, and making this truly a Global cooperation!

You can access the replay of this powerful activation through December 31st and participate in this sacred Winter Solstice Portal Opening. We offer this transmission based on a donation model, with a suggested amount of $21. However, we understand that financial situations vary, and we invite you to contribute what feels right in your heart.

Through our collective gathering, we have created a potent field of love and light, activating the potential for personal and planetary transformation. The Winter Solstice is a time of manifestation and renewal, making it the perfect moment to co-create a harmonious and awakened world.

No prior experience is required to participate in this event. Everyone is welcome to contribute their unique energy to this collective activation. Prepare to open your heart, connect with cosmic energies, and embrace profound shifts during this Winter Solstice Stargate Portal Opening.

We eagerly anticipate uniting with you in this sacred ceremony of light, love, and global transformation. Together, we will initiate a ripple effect of healing and awakening that extends far beyond ourselves, touching the hearts and souls of all beings on Earth.

If you haven’t already registered, register to receive the replay now and step into the power of the Winter Solstice. Register today and join us on this transformative journey!

You can do additional preparation to contribute to this powerful personal and planetary activation by downloading the Christ Consciousness Light Code Activation that is available On Demand in the weeks leading up to the Winter Solstice!

Check out this powerful light code as one of the 33 Master Ascension Light Codes that are being transmitted through 2025. Click below to view the list of Master Ascension Light Codes that are now available On Demand:

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